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Ways To Be Wicked ~ Futuristic Four

Ways To Be Wicked ~ Futuristic Four

Duration: 03:36
Published: 04 May 2017
Source: Youtube

Music Description

This had been done for like a week now and only reason I'm posting it now is because I haven't had any access to wi-fi on my mac.
We're still internet-less at home, but it should be fixed next week and I get back to my usual uploads.
There will be a trailer done of the sequel with these four. To think, the first one I made has over 5m views.

Sing Zing!

Films Used:
- The Incredibles
- Meet the Robinsons
- Bolt
- Big Hero 6

Ways To Be Wicked ~ Descendants 2

Disclaimer: I do not claim to own the clips and audio used. They belong to their respective owners. This was made purely for the purpose of fun and entertainment.