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Boris Berezovsky - Chopin COMPLETE Etudes (Op.10, Op.25 + Nouvelles)

Boris Berezovsky - Chopin COMPLETE Etudes (Op.10, Op.25 + Nouvelles)

Duration: 06:42
Published: 17 May 2016
Source: Youtube

Music Description

Boris Berezovsky plays Chopin's complete etudes, Op. 10, Op. 25, and the Trois Nouvelles Etudes. (Three new etudes) This is one of the most fantastic performances of these beautiful etudes. This performance is characterized by creative ideas that really catch your attention, for example: 0:51, 11:20, and 52:34. Please subscribe to my channel for more uploads like this and to see my own playing :)

This recording originally appeared on "tnsnamesoralong"s channel and he asked me to put a link in the description box. Here's his channel:
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Etudes, Op. 10
00:00 No. 1 in C major (Waterfall)
01:55 No. 2 in a minor (Chromatic)
03:19 No. 3 in E major (Tristesse)
07:44 No. 4 in c sharp minor (Torrent)
09:57 No. 5 in G flat major (Black keys)
11:41 No. 6 in e flat minor
15:25 No. 7 in C major (Toccata)
16:59 No. 8 in F major (Sunshine)
19:23 No. 9 in f minor
21:32 No. 10 in A flat major
23:54 No. 11 in E flat major (Arpeggio)
26:11 No. 12 in c minor (Revolutionary)

Etudes, Op. 25
28:59 No. 1 in A flat major (Aeolian harp)
31:17 No. 2 in f minor (Bees)
33:16 No. 3 in F major (Cartwheel/Horseman)
35:00 No. 4 in a minor
37:01 No. 5 in e minor (Wrong notes)
40:18 No. 6 in g sharp minor (Thirds)
42:28 No. 7 in c sharp minor (Cello)
47:39 No. 8 in D flat major (Sixths)
48:49 No. 9 in G flat major (Butterfly)
49:46 No. 10 in b minor (Octaves)
54:04 No. 11 in a minor (Winter wind)
57:52 No. 12 in c minor (Ocean)

Trois Nouvelles Etudes (Three New Etudes)

1:00:08 No.1 f minor
1:02:45 No.2 in A flat major
1:04:33 No.3 in D flat major

Music composed by Frederic Chopin (1810-1849)and performed by Boris Berezovsky in 1991.